With the exponentially increasing atmosphere of technology and information development, it is clear that a system must exist which provides the means to manage and disseminate this information and technology in a useful and meaningful way. To date, management of these systems has relied on heavily competitive practices many of which treat information as a rare, precious, finite commodity and conduct business accordingly. Simultaneously, an advanced education does not hold to the promise it once made, with an estimated 42% of recent college graduates unemployed or underemployed.

We at unify everything believe that there will be a day in the near future when all of human knowledge will be unified. We believe that it is our responsibility as citizens to ensure global accessibility to this information in such a way so that every man, woman, and child may grow and contribute to the well-being of society in any way they chose. When information is sequestered, the points of view in problem solving groups are inherently limited. With the incredible challenges facing the world today, global hunger, climate change, and unemployment just to name a few, it is imperative that we as a global community shift our perspective from victimhood to heroes.

Our vision is to create the most expansive problem solving and societal improvement system ever devised by man, and the means by which the most perfect world possible is born.

Now, with such a bold vision we look for support wherever we can find it. To date we have found it in a number of areas, and that list continues to grow. As a new organization we looked to the open source community for our inspiration and as our primary resource, like minded and mission-ed individuals who are devoting their time and energy towards a common purpose. Today, we are combining new resources in visualization technology with the open-source free encyclopedia Wikipedia. We are showing visually, how information congregates to form connections.

Visualizing information is important for a number of reasons. The degree by which two concepts are linked reflects the degree to which we understand them. By building a user generated and maintained platform, we can reduce the degree by which each concept is separated, essentially identifying and closing the gaps in knowledge. Knowing what we don’t know is an essential component of generating ecological solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In addition to a user based platform and social problem solving tool, we intend to function as stewards of global research and development. We will accomplish this by providing a network for corporations, individuals, and non-profit organizations to provide grants to problem solvers in key areas. Any information generated in this manner will remain public knowledge; however the organization may choose to retain any patent privileges. This creates a win-win scenario and enfranchises a currently undervalued and under compensated population.

Non-profits have a number of challenges as well as some key advantages in our current global economic system. We believe we will unleash a new force with which anyone who cares about anything may focus their intellectual and monetary resources in the most efficient and ecological manner possible, and in so doing, create and grow the world of their dreams.


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